Thai-style sweetcorn fritters with sweet chilli dipping sauce

The intro to this recipe really speaks to me. Also, I would love to try these. They sound absolutely divine! Weekend project perhaps? 🙂

The Circus Gardener's Kitchen

Thai style sweetcorn fritters with sweet chili dipping sauce

Tomorrow is the first day of national “Waste Less, Live More” week here in the UK. To mark the occasion I would like to suggest the following ten point checklist to help reduce unnecessary personal food waste, which on average amounts to a quarter of all the food we buy.

Reducing our individual food waste is not only ethically right, it also helps save money and reduces the environmental impact of the food we buy but then discard.

Waste Less Live More campaign logo 1

1. Try to be more flexible with your shopping habits

One big shopping trip per week is more likely to leave you with fruit and vegetables that have gone bad before you have a chance to eat them. If you need to do a weekly shop, try using it to concentrate primarily on non-perishable items and then supplement that shop with one or two quick, smaller trips in the week to buy…

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