YOLO – You’re only lazy once

And then it’s all downhill from there!

It’s been a while since my last entry on the Scooter project but not from lack of inspiration! I am inspired every day by the kindness and generosity of others. Quite simply, I’ve been a bit over-occupied by a crammed schedule and quite frankly, a bit lazy.

I don’t think many people who know me would use lazy as a key descriptor for my personality but saying someone is or isn’t lazy really depends on their personal standards.

Whatever your standard, we would all agree – Scooter was definitely not lazy. She worked harder than anyone I ever met and filled her time with learning more about the things that she loved. I recall an email I got from her one summer explaining that she was teaching herself to play guitar. Inspired by her favourite band, she even watched the instructional DVD that game with the instrument. There’s just something about the word instructional that causes my Sacha brain to morph into a Homer Simpson brain.

2015-04-08-HomerThe reason I’m talking about embracing either laziness or determination is that I’ve been frequenting laziness so much it’s thinking about moving in. I’ve been eating rather terribly and I haven’t worked out in over two weeks. In all fairness, I did dislocate my hip (I’ve got some great insight as to what my golden years will be like!) But now I am feeling the repercussions of my bad habits. I feel bloated, I’m tired all the time and I have no enthusiasm for anything that doesn’t relate to my couch or TV.

This is one of the hardest things I struggle with. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re on top of the world, and I know how to get there – so why is it so damn hard to motivate myself to do it? And when will beer and nachos become a healthy option for dinner??

This being out in the open, I feel better already and am determined to get back on track. I guess the best way to head there is to take a few baby steps. For example, today, for my afternoon snack, I’m going to eat carrot sticks and an orange. And tonight, while I’m hanging out with Ashley, maybe we’ll do some sit-ups while we watch Dumb and Dumber to. Or maybe not.

What do you do to help get you back on track?

I’d tell you more about my day and my plans, but my awesome, beautiful colleague bought me a blueberry pie from McDonalds that I have to annihilate, Mortal Kombat style.