Good things come in bunches

I’ve said it a few times already, but 2015 has been wonderful so far. In the last couple of weeks, so many amazing things have happened: two of my close friends have new beautiful babies, two of my buddies got new jobs and the daughter of my mum’s colleague found out that she beat cancer and is now in remission. A bunch of good news for a bunch of good people!

Something that’s always given me a bunch of happiness in life is a good book. I can sit and read for hours and I won’t feel a stich guilty about not doing the dishes or shaving my armpits. Ok, so I can always find time for shaving my armpits but the point is that I can ALWAYS find time for a good book.

I’ve recently finished two amazing books that I thought I would share with you, since they were both shared with me and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The point of the Scooter project is to share happiness, after all!

Harry Potter and Millennium are two of my favourite series – so I’ve definitely got a thing for the mystery genre. I think that reading a mystery novel is so much better than watching it play out on screen. An author has so much more to work with and you are immersed in something that can’t be easily given away by audience queues that Hollywood recycles in nearly every thriller movie. (They can’t help it – their building a world and a story that has to fit within a two-hour timeframe!)

Now there was no recycling in the fantastic book, The Bat by Jo Nesbo, the first iJo Nesbo - The Batn a 10 book series following the life and work of Detective Harry Hole. Yep, I wrote that correctly. Harry Hole.


If you can get past the character’s Saturday Night Live name, this book is really something else. It’s thrilling but can be quite dark and the characters feel real; their every reaction perfectly suited to the history they lived in Nesbo’s mind. I particularly loved how human Detective Hole (pronounced Holé) was, and by that I mean imperfect and faulted; just like you and me. This is a great read and I’m looking forward to checking out the next books in the series.

I’ve also started reading the Raven Cycle series. I have to admit that if I had only read the first chapter, I’m not sure if I would have dived in. But the books had been recommended by an excellent source so I motored on.

2015-02-12-MaggieStiefvaterI’m telling you, this author knows how to write. The world she depicts is colourful and exciting and I was never really sure where things were headed. This book is both fun and profound in that it explores the darker sides of magic in a world that we recognize, through the eyes of teenagers who’ve yet to make their mark. It’s a great adventure tale with quick chapters and constant movement. These books will most certainly make the big screen, but I think I’ll stick to the literature.

Scoot and I shared a similar passion for books. She loved Dan Brown and counted down the days to the release of the movie, the Da Vinci Code. We had great talks about what we were reading and it was a great way to find out more about her. James and I love to chat about our favourite books and how an author can translate their imagination into worlds you can start to feel a part of. Words are so powerful; it’s amazing what you can do with them when you are seeking the good in this world!

What good books are you reading now? I’ve got about 12 on my to-read list, but I can always add a few more. 🙂

*******Change is good, Donkey*******